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The Why and How of Professional Gambling


If you’ve done a lot of reading about gambling and casinos on the internet, you probably already know that the house “still has a mathematical advantage.” If you play long enough, you’re bound to lose, right?

This is true for a lot of gambling practices, but it is not true for all gambling practices all the time. If you know-how, you can beat a few games. And often it takes nothing more than a tiny bit of talent mixed with a load of determination to do that.

The definition of gambling in the United States has changed a lot in the last few decades. That’s part of what made professional gaming a possible possibility. For one thing, casinos and poker rooms are commonplace.

Today, most Americans live at a distance from a casino and/or a poker room. I live in Texas, and it wasn’t long ago that you had to travel to Louisiana to play casino games. Now, the biggest casino in the world is less than an hour’s drive from Dallas.

Probably the most lucrative opportunity for many of these casinos are poker games that are now open. Progressive slot machines and video poker games with generous paytables are also available in a number of locations. And, of course, you can always find a chance to count blackjack chips.

Besides those titles, most casino games now have the opportunity for a tournament. If the tournament has the right set-up, then negative expectations will turn into positive expectations.

Horse racing has now become more popular than ever before. Not only are most people driving away from a horse, but most of the tracks now offer you the chance to bet on multiple races at multiple locations.

Sports betting is still only legal in Nevada, but it’s changing quickly. I’d say that in 2 to 5 years, nearly everyone in the United States will still be moving away from a legal sportsbook.

Finally, like never before, you can play online. Yes, it’s harder to find a decent place to play online poker for real money, but that’s not impossible. Sports betting is now commonly accessible on the Internet.


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